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Planning, Organization, Goal-setting–What, again?

I’ve been getting multiple emails lately from self-help gurus offering to help me set goals, plan, and organize my life. I know it’s good for the gurus. All of us who are success junkies will click into the videos and … Continue reading

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World’s Best Work Crew… Day 44

I was privileged yesterday to have an amazing work crew helping me with those tasks that needed to get done. Let’s see how what we accomplished compares with the list from yesterday… 1. The touch-up painting on walls upstairs and … Continue reading

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Break Away… Day 41

Sometimes one needs to break away from present  chaos and reflect on something deep and true, something wild and wonderful, or perhaps something whimsical and happy. I choose whimsey. This storefront in tiny Dwight, Nebraska has no hours posted. There … Continue reading

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The Death of a Thousand Cuts… Day 26

I don’t actually know what the death of a thousand cuts is—and I don’t want to know either—it sounds painful. But that is the phrase that best describes yesterday for me. I had numerous detail-tasks to take care of, and … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Escape … Day 21

Three weeks ago I accepted a job at a university in Austin, TX. That was unexpected, to say the least. I hadn’t been looking for a new position. I’d been teaching biology at a little University in a small town … Continue reading

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