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Back to the Heartland

Today I am driving to Seward. It’s been nearly two years since we moved away, and this is my first trip back. I had forgotten how beautiful Nebraska can be. As afternoon drifts toward evening, soot black trees stand etched … Continue reading

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Sales Excitement… Day 207

Wow! The anthology is selling faster than expected. Every few days the president of our group sends a sales update. We have clearly passed the ‘bought by friends and relatives’ benchmark. That alone is an accomplishment! Of course, the  anthology … Continue reading

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Finally, the book is out!… Day 201

My writing group from Nebraska just published a fantastic Christmas Anthology. The initial proceeds are be donated to a charity promoting literacy. Please check it out! Thanks. This is the link to Love and Merry Christmas.  Enjoy! P.S. Let me know how … Continue reading

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Getting used to Dean-dom… Days 85-91

This blog details the ups and downs of making a major career move—from teaching college Biology in small town Nebraska to being the Dean of the College of Science at a university in Austin, TX. Or, to put it another … Continue reading

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Amazing Staying Power… Day 66

I am in awe today of the staying power my young grandchildren (nine and ten) have shown in helping with the move. Yesterday my daughter, grandson and I spent the better part of the day at a huge Ikea store … Continue reading

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Break Away… Day 41

Sometimes one needs to break away from present  chaos and reflect on something deep and true, something wild and wonderful, or perhaps something whimsical and happy. I choose whimsey. This storefront in tiny Dwight, Nebraska has no hours posted. There … Continue reading

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… Day 38

Ran full speed all day today…oops. Now that’s yesterday. I find when I get too busy and loose the time for reflection, it is hard to convince my brain to produce anything insightful. In fact, it is hard for me to stay … Continue reading

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