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Planning, Organization, Goal-setting–What, again?

I’ve been getting multiple emails lately from self-help gurus offering to help me set goals, plan, and organize my life. I know it’s good for the gurus. All of us who are success junkies will click into the videos and … Continue reading

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Three behaviors that help with any transition

Transition is an ongoing theme in my life. Perhaps in all of our lives. We transition from childhood to adult life, from singleness to relationship, from youth to age, from job to job, from house to house, from place to … Continue reading

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The Past Catches Up With Me… Day 200

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Actually, it happened quite a while ago, but I didn’t find out about it until today. I messed up—made a major mistake at work and naturally—inevitably—it had to do with money. Specifically … Continue reading

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Fear Overcome by Enthusiasm… Day 63

Yesterday the house was full and happy. Grandkids played at the park a few blocks away. The entire crew went to the warehouse sale of a high end furniture store. It was fun. But the best part was watching my … Continue reading

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Stepping Through Fear… Day 61

Last night I had the privilege of watching my youngest son—who has been a man grown for years now—coax and coach my ten-year-old grandson past a newly-developed fear of diving from a standing position. My grandson’s fear was clearly irrational, … Continue reading

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Countdown Clock Says the Big Day is Here… Day 43

I say, I am giving myself the rest of the day to finish things and will count my goal as met if I get them done. 1. The touch-up painting on walls upstairs and trim downstairs 2. The exit paperwork … Continue reading

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A Spanner in the Works… Day 30

I am feeling a little disgruntled today. The date for closing on our new house in Austin just got moved back nearly two weeks. You’d think this might be a good thing, might lessen the stress of trying to get … Continue reading

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