Three behaviors that help with any transition

Transition is an ongoing theme in my life. Perhaps in all of our lives. We transition from childhood to adult life, from singleness to relationship, from youth to age, from job to job, from house to house, from place to place. We transition from sickness to health, from school to the real world of work, from work to retirement, and from life to death. For most of us, I suspect it would be fair to say that our lives are always in transition of one kind or another. If that is so, it makes sense that we should learn to handle transition well. Yet we know that transitioning well does  not always come naturally.

Having, perhaps, transitioned even more then the normal amount in my life, I have three brief suggestions on how to transition successfully.

1. Leave the  past behind. Let go of the things you used to have, and the places you used to go, but keep the people. Hold on to memories–set them aside in a safe place to peruse later.

2. Focus on the present. Do what needs to be done. Try not to make comparisons just now with what used to be–for better OR worse.

3. Give yourself time. Every transition brings with it a learning curve and an acceptance curve. It takes time to learn to navigate new circumstances, and sometimes even more time to learn to accept those circumstances. Persevere.

Those three behaviors will get you gracefully through most transitions, be they minor or major, easy or difficult.

Hoping all your transitions will be graceful.

Until next time,
Susan Craig.

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