Covers and Blurbs… Day 219

I got the first mock ups of the cover design for Tossing the Caber (my ebook in the making) last night. So exciting! It took me a long time to decide to go with indie publishing but I am enjoying this wild ride.

The Christmas anthology from Bluestocking Publishing

The Christmas anthology from Bluestocking Publishing

Actually seeing the potential covers caused me to rewrite my back-cover blurb completely. My first touchstone was already the hero, but the original blurb didn’t grab the power of his sensuality. Inspired by my favorite of the mock ups, the new blurb capitalizes immediately on the essence of who the man is and drops the heroine into that context (and conflict).

It is a huge improvement over the original!

Note to self: From now on wait to see the cover before writing the blurb.

Well, maybe not. The original blurb, written early on, acted as my guiding light while I wrote the novel. It encapsulated the story for me and kept the tone of my writing consistent. Given that, it wasn’t a waste of time to write the blurb twice—it was a strategy! (I like that!!)

Now I am super-eager to see what she comes up with for the next two novels. And I am fired up to keep working on the details of getting the first book out there. Only one of the editors-for-hire has responded thus far. Her price was per page and too high. I use a lot of dialog and am much happier with a price per number of words rate. So I am off to hunt up more editors and then—ISBN numbers, here I come!

Don’t you just love leaping into the unknown?

Until next time…

–Susan Craig

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