Sales Excitement… Day 207

Wow! The anthology is selling faster than expected. Every few days the president of our group sends a sales update. We have clearly passed the ‘bought by friends and relatives’ benchmark. That alone is an accomplishment!

Of course, the  anthology does have the traditional “something for everyone.” The stories are all different because the six of us are very different people:

Christine Wingate, whom I interviewed for my Ideas, Information, and Insight blog (click here for that post) is a clever, witty kind of gal with a zany sense of humor. Her story is tongue-in-cheek, crazy, chick-lit style.

BJ Akin writes historicals with western or pioneer settings, homey and warm.

Jeanne Kern gets a kick out of mysticism–in her story a stressed-out young career woman hires a fortune teller to learn what to buy relatives for Christmas. I could use help like that!!

Karyn Cole has a very contemporary style and a story that is laugh-out-loud funny. Very talented!

LK Lien has more interesting facts in her story than do any of the rest of us–astronomy, Australia, and aborigine culture are all mixed together into a surprising romance. I loved it.

And mine is… Well, maybe traditional with a twist would be an accurate description.

The reviews on Amazon have been good, but they rate the book overall–which is natural. However, what I really want to know is if people are enjoying my story. If you read it, please let me know what you think!

The first cut of any money we make is going to a local Lincoln Nebraska charity supporting literacy, and we are on track to have enough for a significant donation. That is exciting, too.

By the way, I mentioned the Toss Trilogy in the introduction to my story. It isn’t online in full yet, but parts of it are at Work in Progress, my new web-place (it isn’t a traditional blog). Please feel free to check it out. I will be posting bits of the novels and more information on them there while I work at getting them ready for Amazon. There is also more info on the trilogy at my author webpage… or there will be. I’ve sent it to my busy web-guru, but it isn’t up yet. Maybe in a few days.

And as long as I am linking all over the place, check out my monthly column, A Mother’s Turn, at I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy, if not this month’s effort, then in the archives.

Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!

Until next time…

–Susan Craig

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