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Life turns inward… Days 92-100

My focus this last week has changed. Home has a greater grip on my mind than work. That could be because I am beginning to get a grip on the job, or it could be because I don’t get lost … Continue reading

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Getting used to Dean-dom… Days 85-91

This blog details the ups and downs of making a major career move—from teaching college Biology in small town Nebraska to being the Dean of the College of Science at a university in Austin, TX. Or, to put it another … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, rain… Days 77-84

Tonight, my swimming pool overflowed. The water level is so high that I can’t touch bottom anymore except on the shallow end. I used to be able to walk two-thirds of the pool length before I had to swim. Now … Continue reading

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New Job, Week One… Days 71-76

This was a wonderful week to begin a new job! At the university where I am a brand new dean, they work a four-day week in the summer, to reduce costs and their carbon footprint. So every Friday is a … Continue reading

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Bookshelves and Car Washes… Day 70

I am so stoked!! We got our bookshelves installed today! I love books. A good deal of the credit for that goes to my mom. Mom wasn’t much of a reader–I never saw her read anything for herself except her … Continue reading

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Quiet Saturday… Day 69

The stillness in the house pounds on my ears today. Yesterday my daughter and the Nebraska grandkids left for Houston and a visit with their cousins. For the first time since arriving in Austin from Nebraska, three weeks and one … Continue reading

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