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Wow…Day 68

Wow!  My daughter and the Nebraska grandkids kicked into high gear today, and we got an immense amount done on the house. It is clean, straightened, and we’ve reorganized the guest bedrooms. Besides that, we set up the water wall, … Continue reading

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Searching for Normal… Day 67

Today I just wish things would settle into a normal routine. Yes, I’d even welcome a rut! Even as I type this, my mind throws up a phrase: “Normal is gone.” The words are an echo from the past… from … Continue reading

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Amazing Staying Power… Day 66

I am in awe today of the staying power my young grandchildren (nine and ten) have shown in helping with the move. Yesterday my daughter, grandson and I spent the better part of the day at a huge Ikea store … Continue reading

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Things Are Going Swimmingly… Day 65

Started this morning with an early swim and a few minutes in the spa. There is a long list to accomplish today, but I plan on getting it done, and ending the day with a swim and a few minutes … Continue reading

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The One That Got Away… Day 64

Did you ever have one of those days that just got away from you? The kind where one thing led straight into another and suddenly the day was gone? Well, it happened to me today. 😦 Until tomorrow… –Susan Craig

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Fear Overcome by Enthusiasm… Day 63

Yesterday the house was full and happy. Grandkids played at the park a few blocks away. The entire crew went to the warehouse sale of a high end furniture store. It was fun. But the best part was watching my … Continue reading

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Welcome Chaos… Day 62

Besides being the title of one of my favorite novels by Kate Wilhelm, Welcome Chaos is an accurate description of yesterday. My family was here—my entire family, except for my son-in-law Bob, who had to work. My son the firefighter, … Continue reading

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